Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wah Wah

So here I sit listening to the symphony of sump pumps, dripping, and flowing water in our slowly filling basement. As predicted,  the spring showers are reeking havoc on our cellar's delicately balanced ecosystem. The torrential downpours that came with today's thunderstorms caused our street to become a river, our yard a marsh, and our lower concrete enclosed floor a swimming pool or lake. The pattern of water inlets has changed slightly but the results are the same.

I will be up most of the night playing the sentinel and guardian of our domain. I have been manually assisting the sink based pump in its tiring and, seemingly endless, battle against the raging waters forced back from the storm sewers for hours now.

The other sump is doing a fine job of moving the water that is quietly seeping through the myriad of cracks and holes in the floor back to the street every few seconds. Sadly, it gets just enough to turn it on and fill its vertical pipe before it turns off again - barely expelling a gallon at a time.

Reviewing this weather pattern leads me to believe that it will be hours before the storm drains can move enough water away from our area to pause it from intruding into our sanctum. The next couple of days call for similar weather patterns which means this will be a long week.

If the forecast is correct we could see a welcome break this weekend with cooler weather and some drying sunshine. I am certain it will not last though as we have weeks of rain ahead due to this late Spring weather pattern. With any luck though the river will be able to handle the influx of precipitation and the sun will do its best to give us a reprieve from this bad climactic turn of events.

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