Friday, March 11, 2011

A River Runs Through It

Last night when I decided to author this post I was thinking I was going to title it "here comes the rain again". Well, the rain has come and gone (Thankfully). After a restless night of listening for my water alarm I am now done with bailing the sink. The drains are now semi-useful. The water on the floor was sucked up by the vac and nearly dry. I decided to get a couple hours of sleep.

After waking up I went back downstairs to investigate. It appears that the water has now decided to come up through all the possible seams, cracks, and pores in the basement. Luckily my friends and I cleared out all the major furniture in the basement last night except for my washer, dryer, and of course my new hot water heater and furnace.

Now, as a river runs through the middle of my basement to the sump pump, I am back to checking regularly to make sure we don't flood out. Hopefully we can catch a break with some dry weather and not see the same flood waters we saw in 2006. Sadly though it looks as if more precipitation is on the way.

Spring is also on its way here and the prediction is we can plan on getting tons of rain throughout. What this means for my basement I dare not say. We have taken the precautions necessary to keep everything out of the basement again until we feel safe.

Keeping our sanity is another story as anxiety levels are high and no foreseeable end in sight. The water continues to pool as more and more H2O finds its way into what was once our sanctum. With any luck this particular event will pass within hours instead of days so we can enjoy the weekend and a short break before the next storm event.

UPDATE: We were able to hold back the nasty backed up sewage water from spilling out onto the floor otherwise it would have been much worse and required a full bleach treatment. As it was, I had to bleach my sink as it smelled horrific. The water that was pushing through the seams, cracks and pores didn't get too bad, but enough that it was good that we moved things out of the basement. If it had rained more on Friday as was predicted we would have easily had the 2 - 6 inches of water across the floor we saw in January 2006. I lost a day of work, a night of sleep and a couple pounds due to anxiety and exhaustion but at least we did not lose our washer, dryer, furnace and hot water heater like June 2006.

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