Friday, March 4, 2011

Technophobia No More

After many years of playing and working with technology I have seen a growing need for assistance and education in some of the standard daily digital dealings everyone is exposed to. Things that major manufacturers and software companies do not put much care into. Things like digital security and safety as well as basic education on using the technology we have collected around us.

Many companies ask you to pay outrageous prices for support from their squads of geeks and 'service' desks.
I feel that companies like to prey on the ignorance of the public when it comes to support and assistance with the digital devices they have been sold. Many companies ask you to pay outrageous prices for support from their squads of geeks and 'service' desks. If instead they offered a modicum of education only with changing some basic settings on your systems these services would probably not be needed. Companies spread FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) as a way to ensure extra money rolls their way even after the sale. Software companies no longer provide owners manuals and have made their products so loaded with functionality that end users are afraid to tread in the menus and options they are not familiar with. OEM computers come with Microsoft operating systems installed and configured in a way to guarantee viruses and malware become an issue as soon as your trial antivirus runs out. Your trial software nags at you to the point where you want to give them your credit card information just to get it to shut up.

In under 30 minutes you can configure your system to be safe and secure. With the purchase of a router for your high speed network you can have piece of mind. With a basic understanding of how to Google answers, you can educate yourself on whatever you are attempting.

I offer this to you so that you may overcome your technophobia and unlock the potential of the technology available to you. No matter what your comfortability level, technology is there to help you if you let it.

We will continue to add articles to this site to assist you in your journey to digital nirvana. If you have questions, Contact us. We will gladly attempt to find a solution for you and anyone else who has similar issues. We will also link you to other sites that can give you the answers you are looking for. After all, the Internet is a fantastic collection of available information for just about any subject.

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