Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cloud Printing

Android OS developers are awesome. They develop some of the best applications out there and they answer a need very fast. This type of agile development is quite different than that of large software companies.

Case in point, Google released the ability to print from some of their web apps on mobile platforms to a PC connected printer using their Chrome browser (see previous post). Someone else found a way to send files to a DropBox account and use Google Cloud Print to get a hardcopy of the document. Another person ran with this idea and created an Android app called Cloud Print Beta that combines all these with a wizard to setup your phone with the ability to print from any app with a share or send option.

These innovative applications, as well as many others available, make for a veritable Swiss army knife used to customize your phone/tablet to your needs. Many of them for free in the Android Marketplace.

Thanks again to Google for creating the platform, keeping it open and making APIs freely and readily available.
Thanks to all the developers who take their time to create and update such a wide variety of applications.

And finally, thanks to all my fellow fans of the Android OS. We create the demand, use the apps, provide the feedback and support Google and the developers with our downloads, ratings, mentions and sharing of great apps with our circles of friends and coworkers and sometimes anyone who will listen.

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