Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Living on Cloud Google

Today I implemented Google Cloud Print on my PC. The configuration is actually quite simple and the concept is great. Google's implementation is a bit lacking on the mobile devices though. I can only use Cloud Print from GMail and Google Docs but only if I access them from my mobile browser. Really? Two applications and then only through the web interface?!?! Google, you build fantastic applications. You create easy to use APIs. You have a huge audience yet you create something useful but neutered to the point of being a pain to use.

I know that most everyone is saying 'Why print? Aren't we reducing paper?'. Of course I don't think we should print willy nilly but there are times where it is necessary and useful.

  • I need a hard copy on my desk when I get to the office so I can sign it and get it out the door. I cloud print and it is sitting waiting for me at the printer.
  • A co-worker needs a contract updated and printed ASAP. You are sitting in a conference and can update the contract in Google Docs, send it to your networked work printer and you save his bacon.
  • I am using a Google Cloud Print connected app on my phone for creating a grocery list but my wife prefers hard copy. I send it to my home printer and she is off to get me my treats.
  • I am working at a mass point of dispensing event and I need to be able to send a receipt from the data collection survey to a connected printer so the client can have a record of their visit. Yep.. cloud print it.

As you can see, printing is a necessary evil and having access from your mobile device make it a bit less painful. To make all this work:

  1.  Google needs to make the API available - DONE
  2. Users need to decide that this is a useful tool - I'm In
  3. Developers need to use the API and get their apps updated to print reports, lists, etc - Any Takers?
I think the ability to print to the cloud is becoming a popular trend. Google, do it right. Do it quickly. Get 'er done.

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